Social Media marketing involves both strategy and creativity
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing involves both strategy and creativity

With so many people using social media and using it regularly, businesses also need to be active on social media.  Your business’s target market exists on social media; therefore your business should also exist on social media so as to stay ahead of competition.

Using social media doesn’t only help increase sales for a business but also provides other benefits which are outlined below. 

  • Creates Brand Awareness

People buy brands they are familiar with.  Social media enables businesses to get their brand in front of their audience quicker and more cost-effectively than other kinds of traditional media such as print media (newspapers and magazines).

  • Better connection with your customers

Monitoring conversations and topics on social media within your target audience, enables you to establish what your customers are talking about and identify trends.

Social media can also facilitate in finding out what difficulties they are experiencing which can be addressed in content.  Businesses using social platforms can better connect with their customers and better serve them.

Better engagement and better conversations with your customers, increases their brand loyalty to your brand.

  • Assists with excellent Customer Service

Social media enables immediate interaction between a company and its customers.  Customers use social media platforms to ask questions and raise issues.  A company can give feedback directly to their customers, resulting in them to be seen as accessible and trustworthy.

Prompt service to customers facing a real problem or needing help makes customers feel valued and increases their loyalty to your brand.

  • Increases traffic to your website or blog

Social media directs your audience to your website.  By advertising social media posts, which incorporates your website address, you’ll be able to channel your audience to your website.

  • Enables retargeting to your audience

Only a small percentage of your customers will buy the first time they visit your website.

In order to effectively reach your audience and remind them about your brand, your audience has to be retargeted.  Retargeting is when your advert is shown to your target audience again, once they are next on social media.

  • It’s basically free

It’s free to set up social media profiles and create posts. If organic content is strong, then it is likely the content will generate high traffic organically through likes and shares. 

There is a spend involved in advertising posts so as to reach a larger audience.  However, digital advertising is not only inexpensive compared to traditional advertising but allows a highly targeted approach.  Digital advertising is a simpler and more effective means of marketing as businesses are able to alter adverts and monitor the performance of campaigns in real-time.