You need more donuts!
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Advertising To Find New Customers

You need more donuts!

As people celebrated Donut Day on 5 June I was thinking about how in a corona-stricken world we have to keep on asking consumers to support us. How we have had to adapt from showing consumers our donuts, to not being able to fully trade for almost two months.

You should be telling consumers they need more donuts!

We are yet to see the full effect of the lockdown on unemployment rates, but if we had to believe the predictions of up to 50% unemployment rate… we should all be worried.

Yes, the money will still be in the hands of citizens, but less citizens will be spending. It is up to us to tell consumers why your products and services would offer them gratification. The consumers in return should become our word-of-mouth walking billboards sharing their experiences with their circle.

What are your USPs? What makes you different from others offering the same service or products?

Should you still spend on advertising during a pandemic?

The answer is yes and no. Multinationals like Coca-Cola has even put the brakes on their ad spend. They didn’t stop spending completely. They are focusing on other initiatives that still generate a buzz with limited hard advertising.

Now is the time to get creative in the way you spend your marketing budget. You still need to keep your brand and products at the top of the consumer’s mind – so what is your strategy?